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50,000 maternal deaths during pregnancy per year around the world are recorded for patients who proceed to eclampsia, while many more are caused by long-term irreversible damage to organs caused by PE. Treatments include termination of pregnancy or premature birth. Even if born safely, over half of these newborns will suffer from growth restrictions, learning difficulties or moderate to severe disabilities. Premature delivery is presently the only solution for PE, and there are no approved therapies. This is not a viable option for early PE (from week 20 of pregnancy). 
Pharming initiated a clinical phase I/II clinical study of the effects of the Company’s recombinant human C1 esterase inhibitor (RUCONEST®) in patients with pre-eclampsia in H1 2019. The main goal of therapy is to prolong a safe pregnancy for PE patients as long as possible to improve the chances of a good outcome from delivery.

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